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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

19 Things That Drive Us Crazy When Shopping

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You might be one of those people who simply love shopping.  If you are, you’re not alone, you’ve got a lot of company. And even though shopping has changed some, and you can order online, that doesn’t mean that you’ll do it all that way. There’s a fair chance that you’ll end up at the shops at some point.

But, even if you do love it, you’ll have to admit, there are a few things that drive you mad (or is it just me?). Just take a look...

1. Dirty or Slippery Floors – How comfortable do you feel buying cheese from a deli when there's dust or dirt all over the floors? And when it comes down to cleaning, many store managers just choose to tip over a bucket of water and... and that's all, basically. Well, this is just downright dangerous. And, there’s only so much that you can blame on inclement weather. But the reason this is so annoying is that even if you don’t slip and fall on your bum, you can imagine yourself doing it – so you end up tip-toeing around the shop, even when you’re in a rush. The solution is easy, actually. All a store manager has to do is hire a floor scrubber.  

2. Untidiness – Oooh, this is so irritating, isn’t it?  It’s one thing if you head off to pick through sale racks; then you expect a bit of untidiness. But, if you head off to the local grocery store, or a high end clothing store, you expect it to be neat, don’t you?

3. Dirty Exteriors – When you ran into the store, you may not have taken a whole lot of notice, but then you’ve paid and you’re on your way out when you see just how dirty it truly is, especially if a renovation is in progress. There’s something about that which makes the entire shopping process feel a bit, well, dirty. Thank God, hiring a skip can save any store manager from this awkward position.

4. Noise – You do expect a certain amount of chit-chat in a crowd, but there are certain noises that just grind you down. It can be anything from overly loud music projection in a shop, to noisy heating and cooling elements (which should really just be replaced). And of course, there’s that kid crying an aisle over to drive you a bit insane!

5. Construction – Yes, yes, you do want that shop to be upgraded and you’re mighty happy that they’ve kept the place open while they renovate. But, they seriously need to make sure that they can adequately control the flow of traffic. Easily done by hiring and installing barriers. Because, if there’s a lack of barriers, it simply won’t work at all.

6. Ineffective Lighting – Shopping isn’t like eating at a restaurant. There, you can easily dim the lights to enhance the mood. Plus, you already have a general idea of where you mouth is so the lack of lighting is not likely to impact on your evening. But, when you’re shopping, it’s always best to see what you’re purchasing since it’s a pain to come back with returns.

7. Not Enough Changing Rooms – Not everyone is lucky enough to shop at 11am on a Tuesday morning when the stores are quiet.  Most people head to the stores after work and on the weekends, when – everyone else is out shopping, as well.  They may not be in your way while you’re browsing, but when there’s a queue to try something on, it’s a monstrous hassle.

8. Only One TillUnless you’re in an exclusive boutique, there’s probably a bank of tills. So how is it that you can wait, in a queue, to pay at the only till that’s open? Of course, this always seems to happen when you’re on your lunch hour, and you’ve not got any time to spare, doesn’t it? 

9. Credit Card Service Down – A store’s connection issues should never be your problem. But every now and again, it happens that the card machines are unable to connect to the bank. The problem is that you only learn about this once you’ve finished your shopping and you’re at the till. At best, there’s an ATM next door, but more than likely, you’ll need to walk half a kilometre to a bank and back to pay.

10. No Parking – Whether the store is on the high street and you always knew you’d battle to find a spot, or it’s a shopping centre and their lot is full – this is an inauspicious start to any shopping trip.  Whether or not you can find a close parking place, is likely to impact on the entire experience.

11. A Lack of Parking Demarcation – It’s been years since the parking lot has been painted, and, in fact, they’ve rearranged the parking a few times, so no one knows exactly where they’re meant to park. This is even worse than not finding any parking, simply because you feel the need to swear at every car that’s parked inappropriately.

12. Sale Items Are Out Of Stock – You saw the ad, you convinced yourself you need whatever item is on sale and then you braved the traffic to get to the shop. And as you cruise the aisles, you discover that everyone else has had the same idea. Even if the shop offers to give you the discounted price whenever they’ve got the item back in stock, it’s still a hassle. 

13. They Don’t Stock It – This always happens when you head to the grocery store with a specific menu in mind.  More often than not, it’ll occur when you’ve got friends coming round for dinner.  And it’s a real pain because you just assumed that one shop would have what you need – and that’s why you stopped there in the first place.

14. Change in Opening Hours – Curses. Maybe you even knew this was going to happen, you just didn’t think it had taken effect already.  The problem is that you scheduled your day around picking up the groceries, or that particular item that goes off sale tomorrow – and now, you can do nothing about it.

15. Nothing in Your Size – If you’ve got an average sized foot and you’ve gone off to the shoe shop during a sale week, you’re likely to be told they don’t have your first choice in your size. When the shop assistant returns empty handed for the sixth time, you’ll want to cause a scene. (Don’t.)

16. No Change for the Parking – You may be so well adjusted to parking in the permit only areas around your office that you’ve completely forgotten that you need some change to pay for parking at the shops.  And, it usually happens when you’ve only got large notes – or nothing to break at all.

17. Strange Smells – This makes any experience unpleasant, but it’s especially distressing when you’re shopping.  Nasty smells are easily associated with filthy, dirty surroundings; so the minute you smell something foul; you no longer feel like shopping. It could only be one of the other customers, but it’ll put you off.

18. No Cell Phone Reception – You’d think you could connect just about everywhere (except on trains between cities), but somehow there’s hardly a signal inside your favourite store. And that would be okay if you didn’t need to call your spouse to check a size, or you weren’t waiting for a prospective employer to call you back.  Just how are you supposed to multi-task without cell phone reception?

19. Price Checks – It only happens when you’re in a hurry; you know, when you can’t stop looking at your watch, and even the ticking seems to be mocking you. That’s exactly when the guy in front of you has picked up an article without a price tag.  And then you wait.

The good news is that not every shopping trip ends up like this. But when it does, you’ll find yourself bargaining for Tuesday mornings off work the next time you’re up for an increase. And why not? You’d only spend that time shopping online anyhow, right?

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