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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Which Lighting Solution Better Suits Your Needs?

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Whether you are working at night or just in a dark area, having appropriate lighting is important to keeping you safe and getting the job done right. There are several different lighting options available for hire by HSS and choosing the right one can feel like a daunting task.

While it’s true that light is light, different tools have different features, which lend themselves better to some situations than to others. But, regardless of the situation you are working in, there is a lighting solution that will help you stay safe and get the project done efficiently.

Here are some common work situations and the best lighting options for each.

An Industrial Environment

If you are working in an industrial environment, you need powerful lighting that can effectively cover large areas. A halogen light with a short stand that can be angled in any direction is a good fit for industrial work. This type of light is also very mobile, so you can move it to different areas of your work site.

Halogen lights with tall stands that can be adjusted for height are perfect for industrial areas. These lights are very powerful and light up large areas, so you won’t need as many sources of light to cover one space.

You can also hire festoon lights, that can be strung on fences or trees and work well in industrial environments. They usually come in long strands so you can cover a large distance with them and they emit a bright light, lighting up an entire area or perimeter.

In a Warehouse

Lights that work well for an industrial environment will also work for a warehouse. But, there are a few more options you may also want to consider. Magnetic site lights that can be attached to metal rods, poles and shelves can help you light up aisles and assembly and loading areas.

Halogen lights on both short and tall stands are also ideal for warehouses, since they can be set up in any configuration to meet your needs and can be rearranged as things in the warehouse change.

Underground Work

When you work underground, you need the best lighting possible. Start with a hand lamp that is bright enough to help you find your way to and from underground work sites. Then, set up some halogen lights in the areas you are working in to light up a large radius.

Some of the lights mentioned for other circumstances will work for underground projects as well. Look for floor lights that can easily be moved in small spaces or lights with adjustable poles so you can adjust their height as needed.

Finding Your Way

If you work in the dark, getting to and from your work site requires light too. There are lots of powerful hand lamps available that can help you safely travel between worksites or in darker areas of your environment.

Traveller lights are a great choice for situations that require you to move from one place to the next and quickly set up lighting. These lights are not as powerful as other options, but they do provide adequate lighting and are extremely mobile.

To choose the best light for your situation, decide what your needs are. Do you need to light up a very large area? Will you be required to move between areas or from site to site while you work? Do you need to light up one portion of an area or the perimeter? These kinds of questions can help you decide which lighting option is best for you.

Having appropriate lighting while you work is important to your safety and will make your job easier. Start improving your workplace by investing in some good lighting and setting it up where it will be most beneficial. You can browse HSS Hire's extensive collection of lighting solutions for hire by visiting our Lighting & Power Solutions page.

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